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About – Neer Chemical
Welcome to Neer Chemicals

We Are Here to Increase Your Knowledge With Experience

We Neer Chemicals based at Mumbai, established in 2018 for serving to Chemical Industry. Taken together, Neer Chemicals essential elements of mission, vision, values, and strategy describe why the company exists, who we are, what we intend to do, and how we intend to do it. These essential elements provide insight, offer motivation, and point the way forward as we seek to grow and achieve our goals. We operate from Mumbai and our distribution service is available all across India. We are importers of bulk chemical products and allied goods. We are able to operate a customer oriented service that supports a number of major industry such as adhesive, wood, paint, rubber, food, textile etc

Since 2018

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    Office no. 26 , Ground Floor , Dhanya Sativali Nagari Building no -2 CHSL , Block Sector, Vasai East , Dist - Palghar , Maharastra 401208