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MELAMINE – Neer Chemical

Melamine is combined with formaldehyde to produce melamine resin, a very durable thermosetting plastic used in Formica, melamine dinnerware, laminate flooring and dry erase boards.

Melamine foam is used as insulation, soundproofing material and in polymeric cleaning products, such as Magic Eraser.

Melamine is one of the major components in Pigment Yellow 150, a colorant in inks and plastics.

Melamine also enters the fabrication of melamine poly-sulfonate used as superplasticizer for making high-resistance concrete. Sulfonated melamine formaldehyde (SMF) is a polymer used as cement admixture to reduce the water content in concrete while increasing the fluidity and the workability of the mix during its handling and pouring


Melamine and its salts are used as fire-retardant additives in paints, plastics, and paper.[8]

Melamine is sometimes illegally added to food products in order to increase the apparent protein content. Standard tests, such as theKjeldahl and Dumas tests, estimate protein levels by measuring the nitrogen content, so they can be misled by adding nitrogen-rich compounds such as melamine.

Melamine is also used as a nitrogen and carbon source for N-doped carbon nanotube.


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